Who We Are

Kevin and Lyn are passionate about wildlife conservation. Kevin has spent many years on safaris... During the 1950s he traversed the Congo.  Early 1960s were spent with a Kenyan Government permit in the Northern Frontier District (N.F.D), in Kenya's Turkana Area, Bechuanaland (Botswana), mostly alone; always in close proximity to elephants. 

Through his contacts made during his safari experience, he was asked to be shore party leader for an American survey company along the then South West Africa (Namibia) desert Coast.  

Lyn and Kevin spent a number of months during 2013 and 2014 on safari in Botswana, Caprivi, Zambezi and Namibia.  They will be leaving on another safari in June/July 2016.

Kevin and Lyn are also avid scuba divers and have dived off the coasts of Borneo, Malaysia, Comoros, Thailand and - of course - South Africa. Kevin's first scuba gear was home-made (circa 1954!).